Child Care Training Books

If you’re considering training as a child carer then there are some great books that can help you with your training, they are a great way to help you prepare to get your head around what you’ll be learning once you start on your plumbing course. And they will be a great reference for you during your training.

CACHE Entry Level Certificate in Preparation for Childcare

This is a very engaging book that boasts an accessible approach and has been designed to meet with the demands for CACHE Entry level learners.

The book’s page layout has been designed for students with diverse learning requirements and abilities.

The design of the book is visually appealing and contains many colour photos that will help to motivate and engage its readers.

This book is an absolute must have for students and has been a proven success thanks to its real learning values, so all students can be rest assured that they are studying with the very best and can have full confidence in what they are learning, no wonder it’s so popular!

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CACHE Level 2 in Child Care & Education: Student Book

This book is a must have for students as it meets with all the specifications regarding all mandatory and optional units at Level 2. Students who are studying for the new CACHE Level 2 child care and education will be provided with complete support and guidance you really couldn’t get any better advice.

Provided in the book are a wide range of case studies, photos and activities that will enable students to put all the theory that they have learned into practice. This is great because then they will fully appreciate that what they are learning really does have a place in the real world of childcare.

The layout of the book’s pages is fantastic thanks to the lively and full colour design that includes innovative design features that are very magazine inspired. This type of design helps students learn better and its bite sized chunks of information will be of great benefit to students who will find it much more manageable, making it easier to digest all the information that they have been given that much better.

The book is also supported by a free to use interactive website that includes practice questions in a multiple choice format that will enable students to prepare for their external assessment.

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CACHE Level 3 Child Care and Education Student Book

If you’re a student studying for the new CACHE Level 3 child care and education qualification this book is a must have buy for you, as this book has been written to meet with the specifications of all the popular optional units and mandatory units at level 3.

The presentation of this book is brilliant thanks to the very eye catching layout of its pages making it perfect for students who require total ease of use. Also contained in the book is an extensive and very user friendly index that makes locating what you are looking for that much quicker.

The book contains activities, case studies along with photos, all these will help encourage students to put all the theory that they have learned into practice, they will also be able to develop their professional skills and be able to look back on how they did in practice.

The book is supported by a free to use interactive website that contains multiple choice questions which students will be able to practice with when they are preparing for their external assessment.

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Diploma in Child Care and Education: Student Book

This latest 3rd edition student book focuses on helping candidates understand the diverse needs of children that are in their care by covering multicultural issues and special needs and also contains contemporary legislation in child care.

This student book includes “knowledge into action” activities and these have been designed to help students put all their theory understandings into practice so they can see that what they are learning really does have a place in the real world of childcare.

The “good practice” checklists come from a wide range of experiences that provide students with practice guidance. Also included are sections on external assessments and activities and the aim of these sections is to help students practice for their external exams.

Students can also use this text as a supplementary reading for their NVQ Level3 in early years care and education and also for BTECT National early years.

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Essential Skills for Managers of Child-centred Settings

This book gas been specifically written with managers in mind by informing them on how they and their team members should behave to ensure that they are providing a fantastic service to all the children that they are caring for.

Readers of this book will be provided with a very accessible practical and theory application for a wide variety of settings.

This book provides its readers with step by step guidance focusing on a wide variety of subjects including:

  • How to link theory and practice
  • How to become a manager
  • Developing professional skills
  • How to manage people and services
  • How to become a more confident and effective manager.

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