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Childcare Courses: First Step to Become a Nursery Nurse

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Working with children can be one of the most satisfying jobs in the world you can do.
Taking a childcare course can open doors to a wide choice of careers in child care, ranging from nursery assistants and child minding to teaching and nursing.

Choosing a child care career is an excellent choice

This web site aims to bring you the most up to date information if you are interested in becoming a child carer in the UK. Get the information you need, find out about the part time and full time courses that are available to you - start your new career!

So if you are thinking of a change of career or if you have just left school and want a career in child care then these courses are for you.

Find the right course & qualification that you need

There are many local college childcare courses available but the most widely accepted industry standard is on that is run by the Council for Awards in Children's Education (CACHE)

CACHE is the market leader for childcare qualifications awarding about 72% of the qualifications that are awarded each year.

Starting out as a Nursery Assistant

You can begin your career in childcare by working as a nursery assistant.
Courses that can help you prepare for work as a nursery assistant include:

Further training to become a Nursery Nurse

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You can progress in your career by taking a Nursery Nurse course.
Courses that can help you prepare for work as a nursery nurse include:

Demand for qualified nursery nurses is high in both private and local authority nurseries. You can also find job opportunities overseas, Australia or Canada for example.

You could also go on to start up your own child care nursery.

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